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Business/Program meetings: 
First Thursday of the month


Where: Benson Hotel
309 SW Broadway
Downtown Portland

Time: 11:30pm - 1:00pm


Achievement Through Action



A volunteer organization of women uniting together to make a difference for women and girls. It is our passion to…


        Enhance the Education, Health, Human Rights and status of all women

        with our grants and award programs.


        Join with other women to engage in Awareness, Advocacy and Action

        against domestic violence and human slavery and trafficking, and establish

        projects that best address these specific needs in our community.


        Work with girls to develop pride of achievement and cross-cultural



Throughout history and up to today, women face obstacles due to their gender, and

disproportionately suffer from poverty and discrimination. They suffer abuse from

domestic partners, and make up the majority of individuals forced into trafficking.


We regularly seek to increase our membership - ask for sponsorship contributions to allow

our programs to expand - and make ourselves available to all women and girls who need 



We are here...and we are present...